A Moment on Your Lips = Lifetimes on Mother Nature's Hips

Every Day is Earth Day

My husband says I ask too many questions.  But I’ve always been an idealist and want to know why things are the way they are.  “Doing what is right” is a credo I try to live by.  That’s part of why I started this blog.  For years, I’ve been deeply bothered by the site of litter along our roadways, in our parks, and even in my own yard.  My feelings finally pushed me to start this blog after I spent a couple of hours picking up trash from the perimeter of my yard.  My house sits on a corner lot in a rural neighborhood.  On a road that’s not busy per se, but is used as a cut through.  So I do expect a little trash in the yard.  What I did not expect on this particular day is that I would stuff two large contractor bags with so many bottles, cigarette butts, beer cans, coffee cups, plastic bags, food containers and other debris that I would have to drag the bags back to my garage because they were just too heavy to carry.

Granted I’ve lived in my current house for two years and have never gone out to pick up trash from the yard, but I was floored by the quantity of garbage that has been carelessly tossed out of car windows and onto my property.  I’ve lived on much busier roads and have never had so much litter in my yard.  I spoke to one of my neighbors while I was out there and she said the previous owners always had problems with trash as well.  (Not surprisingly this topic never came up when we bought the place! )

I could go on, but the bottom line is that littering is wrong.  And someone will eventually have to pick up that piece of garbage you cavalierly tossed out your sunroof.  (At least that’s how I imagine it.  As how can someone huck a piece of trash with no regard for what happens to it once it’s released into the wild?)  I was tired of looking at the garbage in my yard so I took some time and cleaned it up.  If we all took a little time to clean up the space around us (or whenever we saw a piece of garbage on the ground) a big impact would be made.  I’m thinking my neighbors must feel good when they see my clean yard too.  I’m hoping it inspires them to save their trash for their trash can, and not my yard.  Because realistically, it’s my “neighbors” that are trashing it in the first place!

My goal for this blog is to bring awareness to the trash that is everywhere around us.  I felt pretty sad pulling shreds of plastic out of my grass when it really should’ve been weeds that I was pulling up.  I’m going to do my part to pick up garbage when I see it and I hope you will too!

Don’t wait for “Earth Day.”  Every day is earth day.


2 responses

  1. Right On!

    March 10, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    • It’s good to know there are others out there who feel the same way! 🙂

      March 12, 2012 at 8:19 AM

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